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I Can Take U High

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"Caress my soul, smooth my being, sterilize my blood and purify my love.... tell me if I'm driving insane, please tell me if it's also happening to you" - Corazón Atomico by Zoé.


Welcome to my writing community, my name is Elizabeth but here at lj i'm deftonsita. In this place you'll be able to find fics in español or english.
I think that i'm good with short!vague fics, angst and fluff and since english is not my first language i write almost only oneshots, some of them are really short but don't worry, i have a team of betta readers who correct my mistakes.


Aunque después de todo, después de tanto tiempo te as convertido en una mezcla de todos ellos: puedes ser tan despistado como JaeJoong, tan egocéntrico como Junsu, tan protector como Yunho y tan sensigle como Yoochun. Y te gusta esa fusión. Por que es la marca que cada uno a dejado sobre ti y no harás nada por retirarla
OT5 A puertas cerradas.

So now our boy is walking to the nearest coffee shop, along with the man that is going to be his prospect of love, he isn’t sure yet but he’s by now falling in the wonderful trap that we call love, the butterflies are already in his stomach but he’s way too absorbed by JaeJoong’s handsome face to noticed that.
This is how love at first sight happens.

The freezing cold is making your fingers numb, you can't even feel what your touch anymore and you wish the cold could numb your heart as well, it would be better if you couldn’t feel anything there either.
Wandering in the immense sea of falseness, giving your back at the infinity.

I do take requests, but they are for members only, if you want to make one join and fill the form here


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